Online Tool Verification Services

We verify the accuracy of online calculators and related marketing material. Our work is guaranteed. We provide attestation letters from a CPA, CFA, and securities lawyer.

Our math powers several regulatory tools. So, we are in a unique position to help you. We can true-up your mutual fund, retirement, college cost, and 529 tools to the regulators. Think there's no risk? Take our quick quiz and then decide.


Most online mutual fund, savings, retirement, and RMD calculators are flawed. Errors stem from a naïve understanding of complex issues like LOI, ROA, tax accrual, tolling, and turnover. As a result, proper mathematical methods are not applied. 

Clients receive a written report, textual and numeric revisions, and truing algorithms. We found and fixed these errors: 

Inaccurate Mutual Fund Cost Calculator: The A-share load was forgotten. Also, returns and expenses were improperly calculated. The results for this share class were all wrong.


Inaccurate Share Class Suitability Calculator: CDSCs were improperly tolled and the B-to-A and C-to-A conversions were forgotten. The results for these shares were totally wrong.


Mis-Labeled “Retirement” Tool: This was just a basic future value applet that did not properly compound return. In fact, nothing concerned future savings, tax deferral, or tax deductions.


Misleading Required Minimum Distribution Tool: Text was incorrect, the wrong IRS tables were used, and the 70 ½ adjustment was improperly handled.






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