Tools to Boost Advisor Profits

Partner up! Move to fees! Buy a book! Sell a book! Take the check! The merits now can be quantified, making advice more compelling and adding clarity to your options.

Our traditional decision-making tools run "what-if" scenarios that relate to an advisor's practice. If you move to fees, how much to charge and should you use funds or managed money? Is it better to bargain for a guaranteed payout or production level? As better decisions are made, production may rise, as may the value of your practice.


These tools display assets, practice value, and advisor pay; sometimes pre- and post-tax. Each is part of a custom campaign that reflects your brand. It includes sales material, PowerPoints, and training. Click here for a demo.


Tool for Recruiting Execs and Advisors: Recruiting and Practice Valuation Tool

·      Create more competitive pay packages to recruit advisors

·      Compare three competing offers simultaneously

·      Evaluate offering a fixed payout or guaranteed production level

·      Project the impact of an offer on practice value

·      Evaluate how a sales mix affects a firm's revenue

·      Determine optimum loan repayment terms

·      Compare bonus options tied to assets, retention, and production

·      Maximize the value of an up-front check

·      Forge an optimal earn-out arrangement

·      Evaluate how return affects pre- and post-tax income

·      See how different payouts affect net income and practice value


Tools for Advisors: Product Mix and Convert Assets Calculators

·      Move new or existing dollars to fees

·      Work the back of a book

·      See how product fees affect assets and pay

·      Hire a sales assistant and model pay options

·      Partner with another advisor and model pay options

·      Eliminate unproductive accounts

·      Value a practice to buy or sell  


1) Convert Assets Calculator - Should an advisor work the back-of-a-book?
Determines the impact of converting the "back-of-a-book" to fee- or load-based
products. For example, convert 25% of these assets to managed money paying 1.5%/yr. Handles any return, payout grid, book-of-business, valuation factors, and many products. Displays practice value, gross pay, and net pay.

2) Product Mix Calculator - How does sales mix affect assets, pay, and practice value?
Evaluates how changing a future sales mix affects assets and pay. Handles any return, fee schedule, payout, book-of-business, and most products. Displays assets, practice value, gross and net pay. For example, evaluate moving $5 million in sales from ETF and A-shares to C-shares.

3) Recruiting and Practice Valuation Tool - How do competing offers compare?
Evaluate competing offers or create the most compelling hermes fake one. This replica hermes tool is for recruiters and sales managers. It’s also for reps who take a check, forge an earn-out, or sell-out completely. The tool displays gross and net pay, net-deal-worth, client assets, and practice value. It considers loan terms, interest rates, forfeiture clauses, returns, client acquisition and attrition rates, pricing profiles, before and after pay-outs, deferred comp gained/lost, and revenue mixes (e.g., wrap fees, commissions, planning fees, and insurance premiums). It also considers the costs for independent reps, like overhead, licenses, rent, and ticket charges.

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