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Our tools and services are for senior executives and advisors of financial services firms. They are not for individual investors, nor should investors contact us. Thanks for understanding.

We create decision-making tools for the retail financial services industry. These software tools run "what-if" scenarios that are specific to a trade sequence, firm's financial condition, financial advisor's book of business, or an investor's tax situation. Is a trade suitable from a regulatory perspective? Is it prudent from a B/D’s perspective? Should a firm re-price its products or an advisor move to fees? Should an investor use a 529 plan? As better decisions are made, revenues rise and the potential for liability falls.

We also provide consulting services to senior executives. We verify the merits of typical trade-types, accuracy of prospectus fee and performance tables, related text, online tools, share class sales limits, and sales campaign results. Click here for information.

Tools often display results in pre- and post-tax forms, assets, expenses, and commissions. Each tool is part of an overall package and is customized to reflect a firm's branding. We also provide custom sales material, PowerPoints, and training.

Our tools run on the web or locally on a computer. Most are written in JavaScript, C#, and HTML. A few are EXCEL-based. Below is a partial list of tools and issues they address. Call us for details, though further tool descriptions follow.

Tools for Boards, Compliance, & Product Development Executives: Share Class Analyzer

·      Model how various pricing structures affect a fund's competitive profile

·      Evaluate the economic impact of launching, closing, or re-pricing a fund

·      Help investors choose the proper share class and avoid undue fees

·      Ensure that prospectus suitability text is consistent with the math

·      Create and verify far more accurate prospectus expense examples  

·      Ensure that prospectus suitability text is consistent with the math

·      Negotiate more profitable management fee and sub-advisory arrangements

·      Create competitive advisor pay scales without conflicts of interest  

·      Create sales material more quickly and accurately


Tools for Sales & Finance Executives: Profitability Analyzer, B/D Recruiting Tool

·      Evaluate how a new sales strategy affects revenue and income

·      Determine how changes in product pricing affect revenue

·      Evaluate how market returns affect pre- and post-tax income

·      Determine how entering a new market affects net income

·      Evaluate how an advisor's sales mix affects a firm's revenue

·      Create more competitive pay packages to recruit advisors


Tools for Advisors: Product Mix, Convert Assets, & Lump Sum Calculators

·      Move new or existing dollars to fees

·      Work the back of a book

·      See how product fees affect assets and pay

·      Hire a sales assistant

·      Partner with another advisor

·      Eliminate unproductive accounts

·      Value a practice to buy or sell  

·      Evaluate a recruitment offer  

·      Compare different annuity or fund pay options


Investor Tools (But Used by Advisors): Mortgage Calculator, College Savings Calculator

·      Evaluate the threshold refinance rate on a mortgage

·      Evaluate how income level affects the merits of a refi

·      Compare refinancing savings to the return on any investment

·      Evaluate net investment of any college savings strategy

·      See how filing status affects the merits of a college savings strategy

·      Determine effect of a college savings strategy on estate value

·      Evaluate the effect of asset allocation on account value


Our Main Tools

1) Share Class Analyzer - How does fund pricing affect suitability and revenue?
The federal regulators license this tool. It calculates account values, fees, advisor pay, and revenue for any class of any fund. Handles any investment, breakpoint, CDSC, return, fees, cost of capital, or B/A flip. Investors can pick the best share. Financial advisors can estimate their pay. Boards can evaluate a firm's liability. CFOs can see how pricing affects revenue. Compliance officers can spot conflicts-of-interest and create more accurate prospectus fee examples.
Audited by independent CPAs and a securities lawyer.

2) Profitability Analyzer - How do advisors' sales practices affect firm profits?
This tool is for senior sales and financial executives at broker/dealer firms. It evaluates the economic impact to the firm of virtually any decision made by an advisor: moving to fees, selling one share class over another, selling a new insurance product, etc. It displays assets, gross pay, and net pay for any number of reps. It also generates GAAP-consistent financial results. It handles almost any product, number of advisors, payout, fee schedule, and returns.

3) Convert Assets Calculator - Should an advisor work the back-of-a-book?
Determines the effect of converting any part of the "back-of-a-book" to fee- or load-based products. For example, it evaluates converting 25% of these assets to managed money paying 1.5%/yr. It handles any returns, B/D payout, book-of-business, valuation factors, and many products. Gross and net commissions display as well as practice value.

4) Product Mix Calculator - How does a sales mix affect assets, pay, and practice value?
Evaluates how changing a future sales mix affects assets and pay. Handles any returns, fee schedule, payout, book of business, and most products. Displays assets, gross and net pay. Practice value is derived from the results. For example, it compares moving $5 million in sales from A-shares to C-shares and annuities.

5) Lump Sum Calculator - How do prices and return affect assets and pay?
Evaluates how a single trade affects assets and pay. A book of business is not modeled. Advisor assets and pay are displayed for different sales mix, pricing, or return scenarios. Compare, for example, an annuity paying 6% and no trail to one paying 4% and a 0.5% trail. It handles any returns, fee schedule, and most products.

6) College Savings Calculator - What is the best way to save for college?
Analyzes almost any college savings strategies. Displays pre- and post-tax wealth, net of state and federal taxes! Handles almost any account type (529, UGMA, Roth, ESA, annuity, etc.), underlying investment, contribution, return, fees, income level, and tax rate. For use with clients and offered by Decision Wisdom, a sister firm.
Results are audited by a CPA firm.

7) Mortgage Calculator - Should a client refinance and how is a firm affected?
It compares the savings of a mortgage refinance to the return on any investment. Often, a refi is the best "investment." Clients should refi for a far smaller interest rate savings than they'd expect. Reinvested savings are modeled. Handles almost any rate, term, reset, return, tax rate, CPI, and residency.
Results are audited by a CPA firm.

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