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Broker Village provides complete solutions to broker/dealers, fund firms, and regulators. Beyond our tools, we offer custom research papers, sales ideas, PowerPoints, keynote speeches, board presentations, continuing education pieces, and analyses.

Our style is very different from other firms. We are totally objective, yet have a definite point of view. It is: "The math says X." It's up to you to put perspective around it. If we can send a man to the moon, surely we can determine which share class to buy, the fair level for a wrap fee, or if a recruitment deal makes sense.

Our accuracy is unparalleled. Several of us are CFAs, CFPs, and CPAs. We are quite comfortable grinding through the math.

Below are sample pieces. Most here are "one-pagers" though we do 50-page deep-dives if you need it. We’ll re-brand what you see here or create pieces from scratch. Either way, you own them and can modify them as you please.


Share Class Choice

Neither Bull Nor Bear: Returns barely affect share class choice

Not a Big Issue: Level of expenses does not affect share class choice

Fast Flippers: B-shares are far better than you think

Conflicting Messages, Competing Interests: Conflicts of interest may affect sales

What's in That Nicely Wrapped Package?: Suitability issues affect institutional and load shares


Advisor Practice Management Issues

Don't Fear the Fee: Moving to fees boosts practice value

A Free Assistant: Another sales assistant is more affordable than you think

Meeting in the Middle: Determining a fair price when selling assets


General Investing Themes

Ted's Troubadours: Diversification can improve your life

A Valuable Service: Pay off credit card debt in any market


Tongue in Cheek Perspective

Some Perspective: Financial advisors are under-paid

A Penny Saved: A mortgage refi rivals any investment

The Waiter's Tip: The Broker Village tools help advisors make big decisions


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