We Offer a Comprehensive Campaign

Our tools are part of a comprehensive campaign. You get more than just software. Everything is customized to reflect your firm's brand: logo, colors, text, disclaimers, defaults.

We also offer a unique level of compliance comfort. Everything we license, and all the guidance we confer, is validated. You’re covered nine ways to Sunday.

We issue up to four audit letters. They comprise our “compliance suite.” A CPA determination letter confirms agreement of stated claims and results. A CFA attestation states that results are 99.9%+ accurate, match FINRA (if relevant for the tool), and that proper methods were applied. A legal opinion states that relevant factors were properly considered and disclosed. Finally, a CTO validation letter states that proper code, design, and privacy standards were met.

Elements of a Typical Tool License

·   Web-based and/or internal use version of a tool

·   Corroborating EXCEL files with select tools

·   Custom consulting services with select tools

·   Customized legal, CPA, CFA, and CTO audit letters with select tools

·   Customization: Logo, colors, fonts, text, defaults, disclaimers, etc.

·   Customized PowerPoint presentations for keynote speeches

·   Customized sales ideas (one-pagers) and white paper (4 to 6 pages)

·   Customized continuing ed and Firm Element content

·   On-site and in-field training

·   Free software upgrades and support

·   Help manual






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