We Offer a Comprehensive Package

Our software tools are part of a comprehensive package. We also offer stand alone consulting and prospectus auditing services. We are not simply a software provider nor a traditional consulting firm. 

The Share Class Analyzer is our most popular tool. It comes with consulting services, though the services also are offered separately. We evaluate how a fund's pricing profile affects investors, advisors, B/Ds, and a fund firm. We check the accuracy of prospectus disclosure, fee tables, and sales limits. We also verify the accuracy of online tools and marketing pieces. We issue three attestation letters from independent firms. A CPA letter covers accuracy, a legal letter covers compliance, and a CFA letter concerns math theory.

Custom marketing work also is available. Several firms hired us to create sales pieces and PowerPoints. Another asked for an analysis of 529 plans. For another, we researched the merits of producing customized Investment Policy Statements. (We told them not to bother.) Our material has a definite academic flavor and is great for continuing education and white paper purposes.

However we work with you, everything is customized to reflect your firm's brand: logo, colors, text, disclaimers, defaults. That includes the tool, sales material, training, and support.  

Elements of a Typical Package

·   Web-based and/or internal use version of a calculator

·   Corroborating EXCEL files with select tools

·   Custom consulting services with select tools

·   Customized legal, CPA, and math-based attestation letters with select tools

·   Customization: Logo, colors, fonts, text, defaults, disclaimers, etc.

·   Customized PowerPoint presentations for keynote speeches

·   Customized sales ideas (3 one-pagers) and white paper (4 to 6 pages)

·   Customized continuing ed and Firm Element content

·   On-site and in-field training

·   Free software upgrades and support

·   Help manual






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