About Broker Village

Broker Village is an analytics and consulting firm. We focus on the retail financial services industry. We create decision-making tools and services for senior executives, financial advisors, and investors (via an advisor).

Our tools help to analyze a firm's pricing policies, an investor's planning decisions, and a financial advisor's book of business. Should a B/D allow legacy trades to be moved to wrap accounts, a financial advisor hire a sales assistant, or a client refinance a mortgage? As better decisions are made, profits and net worth may rise and liabilities may fall.

The tools display account value, cost, advisor pay, assets, and income, pre- and post-tax. Results often are audited by CFAs, independent CPAs, and a securities lawyer. Our consulting services are available with the tools or separately. 

We Help Firms Increase Revenue and Limit the Potential for Liability

Board members and senior executives at B/Ds and fund firms can evaluate how pricing decisions affect their firm, investors, and financial advisors. Consider our Trade and Compliance Analyzer. With extreme accuracy, it models trades in terms of account value, total cost of ownership, and advisor pay. It handles traditional and "DoL-friendly" fund shares, ETFs, and any mix of investor benefits like ROA and LOI. Results reflect fund-level and account-level costs, like wrap fees.


Now you can evaluate the economic merit, and corporate prudence, of any trade. View it through the eyes of clients, regulators, and advisors. Quickly identify issues like conflicts of interest, reverse churning, and prohibited transactions. You have the optics to see problems, and the tools to fix them. 


Use the Analyzer to create policies and procedures for advisors. Then they can more easily produce trade analyses and documentation that  satisfy SEC and DoL mandates.

Notably, federal regulators license our math. Firms that use the same math are less likely to be blind-sided by unexpected issues. As one executive said: "Better to be in command of the math than to be a victim of it."

With our advisor tools, B/Ds can boost advisor productivity and, thus, revenue. Sales managers implore advisors to change their business model: e.g., move to fees, partner up, or work the back-of-a-book. Now the merits can be quantified, making the advice more compelling.

Our mortgage and 529 tools directly benefit investors. They address investors' two most costly issues: Which mortgage and college savings strategies are best? Results are post federal and state tax. Better decisions may mean that they save thousands of dollars. That justifies an advisor's fees and reminds clients why they chose a full-service advisor in the first place.

Fast and Easy to Implement

We make your life easy. You go "live" in a few days. You possess the "plug and play" source code and run it on your servers…or on ours. Tools are part of an overall package that includes support and sales material that reflect your firm's brand.  

With our consulting services - verifying the merits of trade-types, or the accuracy of prospectus text, online tools, and sales limits - again, we make life easy. We need just an hour or two from the senior executives. Then we move quickly. Several large B/Ds, fund firms, and the federal regulators can attest to our extreme accuracy and fast delivery.   

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