What We Do and How It Helps You

Broker Village is an analytics and consulting firm. We serve the financial services industry in two unique ways:


·         Create decision-making tools for executives, financial advisors, and regulators.

·         Verify the accuracy of online tools, sales material, and mutual fund prospectuses.


We help you evaluate product pricing, trade suitability, and practice management issues. As better decisions are made, your firm’s profits may rise and its potential for liability may fall.

We Help You Evaluate Options and Validate Decisions

Our analytics are widely used by regulators. We power seven FINRA tools, including the standard-setting Fund Analyzer. Our clients and regulators see the exact same results, which are audited by CPAs, a CFA, and a securities lawyer. That’s high-level compliance comfort!


Consider our Trade and Compliance Analyzer. For any mutual fund or ETF trade, know in advance if account value is maximized, cost is minimized, and conflicts are eliminated. In an arbitration, know in advance if the math supports your trade or if the opposing claim has merit. Better to be in command of the math than a victim of it.


This risk assessment tool can help satisfy regulatory mandates, like those under SEC Regulation Best Interest. If conflict of interest, reverse churning, or prohibited transaction issues exist, you have the optics to see them and tools to fix them.

With our consulting services, we help you analyze complex issues and consider alternatives before you commit to action. This saves you time, money, and lowers your risk. For example, sales managers implore advisors to partner up or move to fees. The merits now can be quantified, making the advice more compelling.

Fast and Easy to Implement

When licensing our tools, we make your life easy. You go live in a few days. Run them on your servers or ours. Tools are part of an overall package that includes training, support, audits, and customized sales material. 




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