About Broker Village

Broker Village is an analytics and consulting firm. We focus on the retail financial services industry. We create software tools and services for senior executives, financial advisors, and investors (via an advisor).

A firm's financial condition, advisor’s book of business, or investor's tax situation can be evaluated with extreme accuracy. Should a fund firm re-price its product line and are its prospectuses accurate? Should an advisor move to fees or an investor use a 529 plan? As better decisions are made, revenues rise and liabilities fall.

Our tools display assets, income, and expense, pre- and post-tax. Results often are audited by CFAs, independent CPAs, and securities lawyers. Our consulting services are available with the tools or separately. 

We Help Financial Firms Increase Revenue and Limit Liability

Board members and senior executives at fund firms and B/Ds can evaluate how pricing decisions affect their firm, investors, and financial advisors. Consider our Share Class Analyzer. When launching, closing, or re-pricing a fund, sensitive "what-if” scenarios can be run. Results reflect everything from changing a 12b-1 fee, breakpoint schedule, or cost of capital assumption. For example, the accuracy of revenue projections, prospectus expense examples, and share class sales limits can be verified. Notably, the federal regulators license our math. Firms that use the same math are less likely to be blind-sided by unexpected issues. As one fund executive said: "Better to be in command of the math than to be a victim of it."

With our advisor tools, B/Ds can boost advisor productivity and, thus, revenue. Sales managers implore advisors to change their business model: e.g., move to fees, partner up, or work the back-of-a-book. Now the merits can be quantified, making the advice more compelling. The tools are a great “value-add” for fund wholesalers. They can tailor sales ideas to individual advisors since they see a book of business. Wholesalers then may sell more funds.

Financial advisors use our mortgage and 529 tools for the benefit of investors. (Investors do not use them directly.) The tools address individual investors' two most costly issues: Which mortgage and college savings strategies are best? Results are post federal and state tax. They are so accurate that investors might save thousands of dollars. That justifies an advisor’s fees and reminds clients why they chose a full-service advisor in the first place.

Fast and Easy to Implement

We make your life easy. You go "live" in a few days. You possess the "plug and play" source code and run it on your servers. Tools are part of an overall package that includes support and sales material that reflects your firm's brand. Contact Stu Speckman for examples. 

With our consulting services - verifying accuracy of prospectuses, online tools, sales limits, and sales campaigns - again, we make life easy. We need just an hour or two from the senior executives. Then we move quickly. Several large B/Ds, fund firms, and the federal regulators can attest to our extreme accuracy and fast delivery.   

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